Resolutions for 2024

Resolutions for 2024

  • Marcelo Steinmander
  • 01/2/24

When I wrote this list of resolutions, I wrote them without the intention of publishing them. A few jottings later, I had a change of heart and decided to paste them onto the site as a post. The notes are not in any particular order, the goal is just to save this and use it as a tool to stay focused on my goals for the year. It's never too late to beef up your future. I wish you all a happy 2024.


Business Resolutions

Find a new development we love and run with it

There are tons of new developments in Miami and more to come in the near future. Unfortunately, I still haven't found one that I've loved in the same manner as some of the past work we've done. I am hopeful that 2024 changes that, with some very exciting projects from Swire, CMC, and others launching very soon. The goal is not to force ourselves to love products we don't believe in, but I'm making it a mission to find the right developments and commit to them. Until then, we will continue searching and also selling the projects we already know and love.

Rely on the data for the facts.

For almost a decade, Trendgraphix has been the best platform at our disposal when it comes to finding and gathering market data . We use its software extensively for our market reports, home pricing reports and all of our written analyses. Despite its current usage, I've regretfully come to realize that some of our past advice to the public did not include the data to back it up.

This year, one of my main goals is to eliminate the use of presumptions for any advice given to any of our customers. How to do will be simple: Use Trendgraphix more and not provide advice without first checking the numbers. This will also include real estate questions about the market in general.

Continue to do work in Broward and do it well

Although it only makes up about 20% of our annual sales, our team and I are big fans of Broward County, its communities, and its real estate. Often overshadowed by the vast and dense Miami-Dade County, Broward County is still is a very exciting real estate market that is indispensable to South Florida's economy.  We love the diversity of its market, the different price points across the different cities, and its lifestyle. We may still be based in Miami Beach, but we intend to continue serving buyers and sellers in Broward and serve them well.

More videos and make them better

Our videos have a lot of room for improvement in terms of quality in its content. We recently upgraded our camera and audio equipment and are currently testing its capabilities. My goal is for the quality of our footage in the near future will be second to none within our local market. I expect some trial and error at first but over time, these videos will be across all our social media as well as Youtube.

Build new relationships, continue strengthening old ones

One huge asset within my business is the extraordinary amount of repeat business that we're thankful to have from past clients. Our clients are just as passionate as us when it comes to real estate, so it's no surprise that many come back to us to purchase more real estate or sell previous acquisitions. Those customers have become like family to us and just like family, my goal is to continue caring for them and protecting their interest.

But make no mistake, it is also clear that as a business, we have to continue generating new business and meet new customers that could benefit from our knowledge of the market. This is perhaps my biggest practical resolution for the year.

That's it! These are my goals for the year. I might add more resolutions over time, but I probably won't in order to keep the list simple yet meaningful. Let's all wish for a bright outcome and do our best with everything within our power and reach. Wishing everyone reading this a happy 2024!

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